Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Remedies

Name: Claire Stroud
From: Newbury Park, California
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Addiction Remedies

In the United States, the primary response to battling the opioid epidemic, and drug use in general, has

been through the criminal justice system. This has resulted in the highest incarceration rate in the world,

and is widely known to be ineffective at reducing drug use, with high rates of relapse to drug use, crime

and re-incarceration. Additionally, the criminal justice approach has fostered a fear of arrest that

often impedes bystanders from calling to seek life-saving medical help in the case an opioid overdose



Taking a purely punitive approach in the face of the current crisis is misguided and risks

further harm to individuals and communities already struggling with addiction. Outreach for earlier engagement

in treatment with evidence-based medical therapies and long term recovery, support for

people with opioid use disorder has the potential to have a much more beneficial effect.


It would seem appropriate to reduce the availability of prescription opioids as a way to stop this

problem; however, unfortunately, if that is done too abruptly, in the absence of available treatment,

will drive more people to switch to using illicit drugs, which will increase the risk of overdose. In the

long term, it will be important to reduce the widespread availability of opioids in order to reduce new

initiates to opioid dependence.


We need strong online accessible prescription monitoring program with an increasing number of health

professionals registered and poised to use it in institutions that would also limit prescriptions for opioids

obtained from the emergency department. These and other local efforts to improve safer prescribing

must start. This plan must be a collaborative approach aimed at both supply and

demand, as well as those aimed at harm reduction. Monitoring must generate positive relationships with the most

vulnerable of populations affected by addiction and overdose, to reduce drug-related stigma, to provide evidence–based

treatment at every opportunity.



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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Remedies
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