Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction: Pulling the Strings

Name: Axel Preciado-Valdiviez
From: El Paso, TX
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Addiction: Pulling the Strings


These unprecedented times are going rough and harsh. Most importantly, our nation had to and still deals with this crisis. As of right now, Covid-19 has been a worldwide pandemic affecting small businesses, film industry, restaurants, and even the economic status’ of many countries, including here in the United States, and this does in fact increase the rate of addiction due to depression, anxiety, and paranoia and etc. But the real question here is why are we dealing with addiction even long before the pandemic? I believe that the nation is dealing with addiction conflicts because there is so many people out there who are mentally ill and develop mental illnesses, and the government meanwhile in reality they are doing nothing about it. Instead they keep making funds and create more substances like cigarettes, cocaine, heroin, and etcetera. In my opinion, the government doesn’t care for these people as they do not have the funds for these people because there is just so many of them. As mention, they make these substances, therefore they gain a lot of money out of these substances just by letting the people consume the substances. Then, one falls to addiction and had just developed an illness, and the sad part is that these people are generally being ignored. If it wasn’t that case, there would be more psychiatric facilities, there would be more ethical psychiatrists, there would more though to these people. This situation has already been very detrimental to the nation and worse of all, it grew a bigger monstrosity during this pandemic. Now because of this flowing around, the individual person and society will have dire consequences. This can and will affect the society in a very negative way by the increase of mental illnesses and the increase of poverty, and an increase in crime rate. This will be a disastrous result to the nation because it will definitely destroy the nation and its code of freedom and all that it stands for. This will only lead either to pure apocalypse in our nation or the loss of freedom for many things, yet this is the “land of the free.” It is all biased and insecure to this point were solutions need to be brought up now from the government, if not them, then the society. We as a whole can come up with a solution by creating more psychiatric facilities, increase in recruitment of psychiatrists, treat our mentally ill with care and assist them instead of decriminalizing them. The government also needs to rethink about using their funds to make things such as cigarettes and lending all their funds to the companies whip make these substances, or even the government is so corrupt, they lend money to the wrong hands. What is greatly needed is a new era of control but having the free will and individual rights too; we must think broader and outside box. If thus country wants to survive from addiction, let the mentally ill be heard and payed attention to, as I guarantee that many of them seem “evil,” but all of them inside seek help and a hand to aid them in their tormenting lives. Many people and systems look at these individuals as criminals and dangerous people, and frankly, they can be criminals, but why, because they did not receive the right treatment or never did for their addiction problems. And they not only can be criminals, they can also be suicidal, and they take the easy way out which is totally not worth it, but why, because the government and many people do not pay attention to them, thinking that they will be fine or they got the needed help already. This happens by a phenomenon called diffusion of responsibility. Once again, addiction is a menacing, scary, and torturing monster that must be tamed and controlled for the sake of our nations sustainability and society.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction: Pulling the Strings
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