Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction on Social Meida

Name: Skye Apao
From: Gardena, California
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Addiction on Social Meida

One problem that is facing teenagers and people, that isn’t talked about as much is how social media manifests depression and anxiety within people. The reason why this is a problem facing teenagers and people, is that not only is this newfound technology addicting it is also dangerous on the mind of young children and teenagers. With these newfound technologies it can alter reality and show a better life than most others on people’s feeds everyday. This can affect a person’s mind into manifesting depression and anxiety, due to the fact that they compare their lives to what they see on social media and feel inadequate about their life. With this particular problem however, teenagers are the ones most affected by social media. Due to the fact that, whenever people go through their teenage years, they will always compare themselves to other people but social media brings it to an all time high, where teenagers can compare themselves to multitude of people. Due to more people seeing new luxuries and success, it can lead to depression. For teenagers they can see people with their ideal bodies and become ashamed of themselves for not having that body type. Or they can develop fear of missing out or feelings of inadequacies of their own life when they see their favorite influencers show off their money and vacations. I think what would help minimize social media affecting teenager’s mental health, is more studies focusing on how social media affects teenagers. Already there is an uptick in depression and suicide amongst teenagers compared to previous generations and social media might be the cause of that. Another way to change this problem is to start eliminating the stigma about mental health and seeking mental health access. By doing this maybe more teenagers may be willing to admit that being on social media everyday and seeing altered realities from their own is affecting their mental health. Another way to help change this problem can be to expose how pictures can be altered so people can know that not everything they see is real and through that it can make people realize that they should not compare themselves to an artificial intelligence mechanism. I propose that the changes that I have been listed above should be implemented through advertisements, such as, televisions ads, billboard ads, or even advertisements on social media. By using advertisements to bring awareness on mental health and how social media can affect it, maybe it can educate some people to know how to recoginzie or cope with their feelings of inadequecy when they see someone post a picture of a sunset at a beach. Or that this can make more people feel comfortable and less alienated to talk about how social media has affected their lives. By having more research done on this newfound technology can help us as a whole understand what we are up against when it comes to artificial intelligence and our minds. Either way, awareness is the key tool for change.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction on Social Meida
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