Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Addiction Crisis in the United States of America


Addiction Crisis in the United States of America

Mouniratou SINARE

Essay : Addiction Crisis in the United States of America

The United States, as a nation, are dealing with an addiction crisis from the continued use of Opioid. Opioids are drugs intended to function as pain relievers. However, doctors’ use that doctors prescribe regularly has led to the consumption of such drugs for long periods. People believe that the United States is on the verge of an addiction crisis. It is because of the increased misuse of such drugs. According to the Surgeon General’s Spotlight on Opioids, America has problems with misusing opioids, overdosing, and other harms and disorders from opioids (Substance, A., Mental, H.S.A.U, 2018). Examples of opioids used in greater demands include codeine, oxycodone, methadone, morphine, fentanyl, and addiction.

Opioid drugs are often given as prescriptions. Individuals who are in pain and discomfort receive such opioid medications to relieve pain. The drugs have more substantial power and effect, which triggers the body to crave for more. The consequences of continued use of opioids are misuse and overdose. It causes one to be dependent on the consumption, and failure of taking causes pain. Many individuals are overwhelmed by the pain and prefer drugs. Abrupt discontinuation of drugs causes severe physical reactions such as muscle pain, vomiting, and anxiety.

It results in overdose and probable death if not treated. Another consequence is the continued use of opioids is evident in newborns from addicted parents. Infants are born with withdrawal syndromes associated with mothers who abuse drugs when pregnant. A society whereby many abuse opioids has led to an epidemic state in the nations. The epidemic of Opioids has led to the restriction of operating of such drugs in pharmaceuticals. In addiction cases by Opioids in parents, children in the society are in a devastating condition. In contrast, the parents focus on dealing with addiction instead of providing for them.

Addiction to Opioids in individuals can be minimized and brought to an end only when an individual chooses to quit. Many undergo various attempts to stop using the drugs but end up suffering adverse effects; thus, moral support from friends and family is crucial to overcoming the process. Another remedy is treatment using medications that help reduce pain and suppress the urges and craves to return to drugs after various attempts (Volkow, 2019). Another solution to the Opioids crisis treatment is establishing rehabilitation centers where counseling and therapy are intended to recover significantly.

Society and individuals, in general, are required to follow the doctor’s prescription and instructions to eliminate the chances of developing chronic feelings towards the drugs, which causes addiction. Addiction to Opioids for the long term has other problems in the body, such as nerve cells becoming inactive to pain and failure to function as intended. It results in a condition whereby the body cannot function properly without the intake of such drugs. The government and healthcare practitioners establish opioid abuse plans and strategies to recover those affected (Boyer et al., 2007). It is achieved by encouraging the consumption of dietary food to patients that eliminates the urge for consumption and helps the body recover from addiction. The drugs also affect the digestive and reproductive systems by interfering with the functioning processes. Buprenorphine, a drug that treats opioids and eliminates addiction, is used (John et al., 1992).








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