Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awarness

Name: Ethan Philip James
From: Chandler, AZ
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Addiction Awarness

Addiction Awareness

By: Ethan James

Addiction is huge problem in America, one of the frontmost countries in the world. Addiction is something that someone can be suffering from without even realizing it. Addiction does not just apply to alcohol like most think. It can apply to smoking, vaping, drugs, and even pain killers. These are just a few things that are the cause of addiction.

Addiction is something prominent in America because America enables it. The biggest thing enabling addiction is the law. Many states have legalized drugs making it easier for people to obtain them. Those already addicted are able to get their supply easier, and those that are having it for the first time may get hooked as they have easy access to it. There are stores who sell alcohol to minors just so they make money. They do not care whether the customer is under age. High school kids are throwing alcohol and drug filled parties. All it takes is one sample of the substance to get addicted. I know from first hand experience that these high school parties aid in addiction. Also, the FDA is aiding in addiction as the people running it are afraid to say anything to the vape companies. They really have left it up to the states and have not cracked down on these vape companies. The original purpose for these vapes companies was to replace cigarettes as vape is better than cigarettes. Because of the FDA’s inability to crack down on the vape companies, teens who were previously clean are now hooked onto vaping. Every time I go into the bathroom at my school, I find a teen who has a vape in his pocket trying to hit it in the bathroom stalls. The only reason they go to the bathroom is so that they can fulfill their need for nicotine which is essentially a nicotine addiction. Imagine, a kid 14-15 years old already addicted to nicotine. The affects it will have on their body can be so detrimental to their growth, it can essentially even shorten their life span. The reason we are dealing with an addiction crisis in America is due to our inability to create legislation helping prohibit the use of substances that can be addicting. In fact, America has loosened their legislation which now essentially enables addiction to progress.

Addiction has had many consequences on society, but the most heartbreaking consequences are losing family ties, going broke, and losing your personality as a human being. Addiction can make you do things you would otherwise be ashamed to do. A former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf was addicted to opioids. He was a coach and dupped his player into getting pain killers for him. That player was 18 years old. The player actually needed the pain killer, but he gave it to his coach because he felt he needed to so that he would receive more playing time. Ryan Leaf growing up was known as one of the nicest kids. Also, addiction can lead to a person losing family ties. Addiction can sometimes be so strong that fulfilling can be the only thing that you want to do, no matter the cost. Sometimes, this can lead to families fighting and eventually the breaking up of family bonds. Addiction has also been medically proven to change your personality. An otherwise nice and outgoing personality may become one that is dreary and snappy. Addiction can also cause a person to become broke. Filling that addiction can be expensive as you have to constantly keep buying more substance. A person will sell and use whatever money they have to fulfill their addiction because addiction is so strong. This can lead to them using up all their money and eventually becoming broke. Worse is that sometimes they may even resort to crooked methods to pay for the substance.

The way to remedy this crisis is put more legislation in place. If there is stronger and stricter legislation about who can get the substance and how much of it they can get, there would be less addiction because there is no unlimited supply of the substance. There must be more checking on stores that sell these items, cops must make it priority to round up illegal dealers, and it would be even better if the FDA was willing to put more restrictions on addictive substances such as vapes. Another huge factor is people must be willing to stop taking advantage of other people. Dealers know that once a customer is addicted, they will do whatever it takes to get that substance again. All they have to do is be addicted. Getting someone addicted is not hard. If we had more people in our nation with kinder hearts, there would be less addiction as they would not be trying to take advantage of those addicted.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awarness
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