Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awareness

Name: Shaquita Williams
From: Jeffersonville, IN
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Addiction Awareness

My name is Shaquita Williams and I am currently enrolled at Phoenix University to get my bachelor’s degree in Correctional Support Systems. I always wanted to help people and I feel that this is a great opportunity. Helping people who has been incarcerated for Drugs and Crimes. I want to help people get their lives on track. Drugs have played a big part in my life and I am 37 years old. I have never done drugs in my life but the people in my family has been on drugs nearly my whole life and that is very sickening. I come from a broken home with a single mother with three children taken care of us by herself and she did a great job, “mom rest in peace”. I lost my mother this year sorry, but not from drugs. Well my father has had a drug addiction so bad my mom had to divorce him, and he has not been in our lives since 1993 until he passed away from drugs in 2004. Since I lived in a broken home a very poor neighborhood, that is why I think the world has a huge addiction crisis. People get stressed by not being able to live like normal society and they take their frustrations, and disappointments on drugs. My brother who is 3 years younger than me started having a drug addiction to pills first, and then the pills started not working so he thought, then went to a stronger drug heroin. Its also a mental issue, people do not know how to deal with their issues, or a trauma from the past that they never got help for it can lead to addiction. Like my brother for instance he is totally different, he has completely lost his mind, he was stealing from our mom before she passed, fighting strangers, talking to himself, and etc., all because he couldn’t get that fixed. He is now been incarcerated 2 years, where he could not even see our mom before she passed, that is a huge consequence. He has mistreated his family for years since his addiction, so bad I had to step away from him. Our relationship is now completely damaged. I believe we can remedy the crises by getting involved, with people with addictions. Talking to them giving them hope, instead of turning our backs on them. Let us give back to communities that has failed because of poverty. By helping children in foster systems. Talking sometimes can do a lot but just by talking. If you see someone in need of shelter pick up the phone call someone who has free room and board. Let us not turn away from them if we can help. Believe it or not I do not have money, I grew up poor, but I stay strong and fight for what is right. I want to help people and that’s why I enrolled into school, so that’s why I feel I need this scholarship, so I can keep on my educational journey to help people addicted to drugs, gambling, or whatever that may cause that addiction. Its always a root to someone’s reason on why they even have an addiction.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awareness
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