Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Addiction Awareness


Addiction Awareness

Travis Smoot

Addiction Awareness

Addiction and substance abuse are extremely important in our society today. It causes health effects physically, mentally, and even socially. Many people in today’s society deal with these effects and end up dying either because their body can’t take the physical effects of the drug anymore or their minds can’t take these effects anymore so they take their lives themselves. And even if the drug does not end their life, it significantly impacts their life in some way. I have a cousin who died three years ago, due to his abuse of drugs. He had a rough childhood, and all it took was him to start hanging with the wrong crowd in high school. He started using drugs and it was not until years later, he was kicked out of his home. It took this for him to finally come clean. But of course, around a year later, he began to use drugs again. And just a few years later he passed away from an overdose. He was only twenty-five years old, and too young to be taken from us. Therefore, I would like to spread awareness about addiction because I do not want to see loved ones taken from their families because of substance abuse.


I believe we are dealing with an addiction crisis in our nation because of a few reasons. Sometimes like my cousin, because of some sort of trauma that has happened in your lifetime. I feel like other times it can be because of what children are seeing. When a child sees their parents or older siblings doing drugs, a lot of times, they feel that it is okay if they do it because of what they see. I genuinely believe we can change these individuals in society who are abusing drugs. If we can get these individuals in rehab and really get one-on-one time with staff. And if we can shut down on these dealers and really get the numbers down of sellers because it starts with them. I also feel it is best for people that are addicted to talk to past drug abusers and get advice because these are the people who most relate to them and can really see their point of view.  Addiction needs to be stopped and I want you to know I am all for awareness.