Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awareness

Name: Alexis Aldrich
From: Phoenix, arizona
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Addiction Awareness

Alexis Aldrich

Arizona State University


Addiction Awareness

It is very clear to me that our nation is dealing with an addiction crisis. From alcoholics to crack heads on the street, there is addiction everywhere. The nation itself deals with a lot of poverty, which leads to people on the streets, which then leads to drugs, which leads to addiction. Some people have addictive personalities, but are there ways to overcome that? If someone has a family member that was an alcoholic, it’s possible that you could have the same addictive personality. There are too many kids in the streets hooked on drugs instead of their education, this may be because of their upbringing, or maybe they chose that lifestyle. You never know how or why someone is addicted to something, I just know it is a problem that can be treated.

The consequences of addiction affect individuals and society. For example, an individual with an alcoholic addiction would most likely get fired from their job, or maybe even start failing their classes. Their priorities change, they begin to only think about taking that drink. Their goals that used to once be, get washed away by all the liquor. To the individual their problems are solved in the moment in their mind, but in reality they are creating more problems for themselves.

As a society, addiction causes poverty, job loss, loss of relationships, and many other negative effects. The poverty stems from the money lost on buying what it is you’re addicted to. Job loss comes with being high or drunk on the job, most addicts are either high/drunk most of their day. The lost relationships come from only caring about what drink you’re going to have and at that point you’re too drunk to take care of your children or wife. This all seems circumstantial, but this is real for many people dealing with addiction.

There is a solution, for society and individuals. I believe the remedy is treatment centers and therapy groups with fellow addicts. Treatment centers keep the individual from taking another drink, or doing another drug. They may go through withdrawal but at least they’re doing it in a safe environment. This may seem like a small solution but, in the end it helps society as a whole. People have to be willing to help themselves, and in return will help not only themselves but the people around them.


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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Awareness
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