Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Acceptance

Name: Samuel Erickson
From: Panama City, Florida
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Addiction Acceptance

Samuel Erickson




Throughout the world, people struggle daily with different substance and drug addiction problems. It has gotten to the point that it is now perceived to be a crisis. The issue has always seemed to be how we can cope and deal with this issue, however, we have not been very effective in finding a truly strong method of addiction relief. For instance the idea of having so many different beliefs as a society as to what is the perfect idea for sobriety when everyone is different. We even have the dealings of Eastern and Western medicine which is perceived to be the most effective, effective, or non-effective. However, there are many more ways than we can deal with these issues. The variations between these types of medicine are where the issues lie and how we decide to move forward and potentially use alternative medicine is how we can potentially change the future in the means of addiction and treatment.

In the world, there are many different ideas of what is effective and correct. For instance, the idea of all-natural treatment is seen to be effective for some people. This form of treatment is known as Eastern Medicine. Eastern Medicine is the idea of more natural treatments. I believe that this idea is potentially one of the most effective ways to deal with any issue with the body no matter what the diagnosis. Once you begin to find the roots of neuro analysis and such that work with these Eastern treatments. The belief is that you can tap into your own body and change the treatment yourself naturally through ways such as meditation, acupuncture, or even naturotherapy. These ideas are much more effective due to the exact fact that we are dealing with addiction. It is hard to follow Western ideas of medicine when dealing with people who struggle with opioid problems or even any other drug or alcohol issues. They can potentially transfer from one to the other for instance if someone is a hardcore marijuana user they could be taking pills for medication and yet think that they might want to move towards that to pursue the “high” or “joy” that they are addicted to.

I believe that alternative medicines are a way to change the way we deal with striving for sobriety as it focuses more on each individual as each method is different for every person. It focuses directly on the idea of growth and change within each patient on a much more personalized level. When we sit down and get to know the person that we are trying to help and treat; the possibility of growth and change will increase by large amounts. Throughout high school years, people are faced to see the kids who do begin to catch these habits at a young age. It is easy to see the cycle of how these young adults begin with the stage of partying or trying to have fun with friends, to cave in to these temptations to mask the stress and real-life problems faced. The addiction is then started as the teens are recognizing they can be numbed by the substances easy accessible by the average high school student. However, another way to cope with these growing numbers of addictions is by taking care of the problem right from the start. As I said before getting to know the “patient” one on one is the most important thing. In this instance, it would have to be through parents and the way that they treat their children including punishments, rewards, discussions, etc. If the parents get to know their children and understand the issues they are dealing with they can help them get over these problems before further troubles are started.

When we as a society look at things that provide better mental health we have to understand everybody’s situation. Which is very hard to do in a world with so many people. However, this exact issue seems to be our one truly flawless solution. The way that we can address issues with the addiction crisis is by getting to know the individuals on a personal rather than professional level. When getting to know someone closely like this you can understand their flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths. That is the beginning of a change within the addict. Making them recognize these attributes by learning them. The next step is then to find ways to avoid the weak points when they are at their lowest spot. Coping skills have now entered the building; these are very hard to get people to understand however because they think they have found their ultimate coping skill which is their addiction. However, it is not a healthy one. Possibly showing statistics the same as we are shown in health class over the link between teen pregnancy and people believing the not me statement will apply to them if they do not use contraceptives. If we are able to make people understand the true danger then maybe we will see a change. But, as I said before most people would feel much more appreciated, happier, and more likely to listen and learn if we would take the time to get to know them. This is truly how we would be able to change the way we deal with this as a society as well as to adapt to new changes in the mental health program as well.

The main problem with us not moving forward as a society past issues such as these is the lack of knowledge, understanding, and care for and about one another. If we as a society can accept the fact that sometimes people may need to sit down and even talk for just five minutes I truly do believe that this will change the way people cope with their real-life problems. Overall it truly is up to us to change the way that others suffer and deal with things on their own.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction Acceptance
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