Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction

Name: Ashley Lowell
From: Paradise, MI
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Our nation is facing an addiction crisis. Many have thier thoeries and opinions as to why. My personal thoughts as to why are as follows, soceity, morals, trauma, genetics. First I will explain why soceity and morals play a part. Over time soceity changes their opinion of what is morally and socially acceptable. You see drug use becoming more common even among teenagers. Drug and even alcohol use is becoming more acceptable as teens find their place among their peers. Teenage years are very impressionable years for children especially amonst their peers. With more things becoming morrally and socially acceptable this creates less accountablity among each other and even ourselves. Trauma also plays a part as to what is morally and socially acceptable.

Many individuals are experiencing trauma. Trauma often begins during childhood. My family has personally experienced this. My oldest child’s father has a history of substance abuse. This has created trauma in her life. One incident in particular was over a summer visitation, her father had stolen her prescription which happened to be a controlled substance. This was a very traumatic event for her. This also brings me to genetics.

Genetics can play a huge role in addiction. This needs to be further researched and studied. My oldest daughter has a Val/Val gene varrient. Most have a val/met. With the val/val gene varrient it affects my daughters dopamine. I still don’t know everything about this genetic varrient however it does allow myself to have a greater understanding for my child and the way she is. This gene varrient puts her at a higher risk for substance abuse. Genetic do not always affect only one generation. So you end up with multiple generations with genetics that increase addiction in society. As more research becomes available regarding genetics I feel as though a solic plan can be created to reduce addiction among those who are addicts from no fault of thier own.

Addiction has a ripple effect of consequences. Most addicts find themselves lonely as addiction has a way of destroying relationships. More children end up in the foster system because the addiction won. We have the innocent bystanders being harmed by needles and other used drug items being left behind for others to accidently stumble upon. This individual puts themselves at an increased risk of homelessness, doing things they would normally find morally wrong so they can score their next high. They lose thier sense of self respect. They even put themselves at a higher risk for diseases and potentially death.

Genetic research will provide more insight as it becomes available. Until then we must be vigilant and determined to mitagate the current addiction crisis. Many don’t believe in the clean needle program. I didn’t at first myself. A program that provides clean needles to drug users allows them the potential to live another day and possibly find hope in tomorrow. I beleive another thing that could be done is placing random biohazard boxes around high drug usage areas to eliminate the chances of innocent bystanders becoming harmed by used needles. We as individuals deciding not to give up on our family and friends who are fighting the war of addiction. I know from personal experience how addiction can destroy trust in relationships. I have helped two prior friends in their battle against addiction and we are no longer friends. I have not given up on them and still pray they someday will Shout their success and help others with thier experience with addiction! I do not believe there is a one size fits all cure for addiction. However, I do beleive there are reasons that lead up to addiction.

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Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 - Addiction
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