Addiction Awareness Scholarship Campaign 2020 Round 2 – Addiction




Cali Gorsuch

Seasons in Malibu

November 24, y


Addiction when brought to mind makes me picture someone rough around the edges, lower class, etc. That is incorrect for most. It is prevalent in most ‘normal’ families, and especially in society today. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, there is a frenzy and that is addiction. The quick happy feeling that comes with the high, the buzz, the swipe, the win, that can take over someones life completely and change it for the absolute worst.

We as a nation, as a whole, deal with addiction. We as a society see it on tv, social media, glamorized by paparazzi, snapchat, instagram, etc. Because it is so familiar to see it is normalized, and ‘oh everyone tries it’ when in reality, no not everyone does and not everyone should. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc is a distraction, a quick get away from real life, whether it’s during this pandemic where people are going through stressful times, or a bad work week, someone died, the excuse that it is the weekend, so that means we all go out and drink till we can’t walk. That is the reality and this society normalizes, and choses to ignore the addiction crisis because it is so common and some individuals do not even realize they have it.

When overcame by addiction, the urge to do and not able to control your want can bring consequences. It is common in my family, my dad died from addiction. Consequences from addiction are in the millions and millions. From losing your job, to not getting a job; dropping out of school, being irresponsible and having children when not ready to, from losing the love and trust of family members, as well as the feeling of being okay when not on anything, the feeling of love, or finding love, etc. The list is long, so long that I could probably list 3 pages on consequences. There is a chance the start of your addiction could be the start to someone else’s. The grave you’re digging for not only yourself, but you happiness, the time you lost, and the people and opportunities you missed out on. In society the consequences are not always glamorous as you see on TMZ or social media. For ‘normal’ people it is homelessness, bankruptcy, jail, no education, unemployment, or even death. Nearly 450,000 people died from overdoses involving any opioid, including prescription and illicit opioids, from 1999 – present. That is 450,000 people to many, the opportunity, the love that was missed based of a decision that started their spiral.

The addiction crisis is something that can be fixed, can be shrunk down. Based off of life as we know it, it can be fixed by not encouraging the act in it self, limiting yourself, EDUCATING yourself, I can NOT stress that, see real life people who have gone through addiction and see what they tell you. I guarantee they will not tell you it was the best years or their life or maybe they won’t even be around to share their story. Addiction, needs to be a common topic that people can talk about, learn from and share with the people surrounding them. There are also places to help guide you towards the light, the happiness in life without addiction. Do not be afraid to ask for help, there are so many organizations that are there to help, as well as family members to love, care and help you. As a society if each individual has the want, the courage to get clean, then as a society we can recover, heal and be there for each other.