Addiction Recovery: Role Models in it

In June 12, 2019

Role Models in Addiction Recovery


It is important for people to have good role models in life no matter what type of goals they are looking to achieve. In addiction recovery, it can be especially helpful to have positive role models that can show you how to become comfortable and confident in sobriety. People who struggle with addiction often have many negative influences in their life that may have contributed to their illness, so finding a good role model can be a critical part of recovery.

Role models can be positive or negative in the way that they influence a person’s behavior. In the past, an addict may have had role models that influenced them to use drugs or drink or behave in ways that were destructive to their health. As they go through their recovery, they need to consider the role models they had in the past, why they wanted to emulate them and how that shaped their life.

It can be a more conscious decision in recovery in who you choose to be a role model for your new lifestyle. You can look for someone in your support group such as a sponsor that can act as a role model in helping influence your behavior and how you see the world. Your role model can be someone that you spend time with and who cares about you and motivates you to improve yourself.

Your role model can keep you in check when you are going down the wrong path or are losing your focus on staying sober. The role model that you have in recovery can be someone you not only emulate but someone that you can trust to help you in difficult times. Talking to people in your treatment or support group can help you find a sponsor or role model to get through recovery.

By Dr. Reuben Vaisman-Tzachor

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