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man-sitting-with-drugs-seeking-drug-rehabilitationThe Problem With Addiction and Drug Rehabilitation`

Until very recently, addiction to drugs has been looked at as a problem of will power or morality, and that those afflicted by it simply lacked the self control to stay away from addictive drugs or use them responsibly. It is easy to dismiss addiction as a character defect and ignore it, but that characterization is useless when attempting to treat or rehabilitate a drug addict, not to mention wholly inaccurate.

Ultimately, addictive drugs hijack the brain’s normal decision making process, chemically forcing the afflicted individual to seek out and use more and more of the substance in order to attempt to satisfy an insatiable craving.

The Modern Solution

While there are some rare individuals who have conquered this disease through sheer force of will, they are few and far between. It used to be that quitting on your own was the only option available, and not surprisingly few addicts ever recovered. As modern psychology has advanced we have come to understand that the patient needs to be removed from their normal environment and physically detoxed in a safe, comfortable facility in order to have any significant chance at success (read more about drug detox).

Enter inpatient, residential rehab centers. Residential inpatient drug rehabilitation has a much better prognosis than do-it-yourself attempts at sobriety, but ordinary residential treatment still falls short of the ideal mark for success.

The Seasons In Malibu Difference

At Seasons In Malibu, we start from the premise that the treatment that is currently available to active addicts, even the supposedly high-end variety, is woefully inadequate, and our mission is to offer something better. Here we believe strongly in understanding your underlying issues and figuring out what’s motivating you to use drugs, and in order to accomplish that goal we offer more individual therapy sessions in 30 days than any other drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehab centers in the country.

While we do have groups as well, our primary focus is on you as an individual. This is why you will have a 12 person treatment team of PhD and masters-level therapists dedicated to designing a customized and individually tailored treatment program for you. Your treatment plan will evolve over the course of your stay here and will be constantly revised and tweaked based on your progress, to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

We absolutely prefer to err on the side of too much treatment, rather than too little. We take an incredible amount of pride in having what we believe is the highest success rate in the industry of 85%. Most other rehabs in California do not publicize their success rates because they fear (and rightfully so) that it would drive people away from seeking treatment with them.

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