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Alcohol Rehab – Treating alcoholism is a process that has been improving steadily over the last century. ‘Drunk tanks’ and ‘Sanitariums’ have given way to organized 12-step programs, detox centers, and modern residential alcohol treatment centers such as our own. There are now millions of recovering alcoholics in America today living happy, fulfilled, and sober lives.

As much progress as been made in alcohol recovery programs, we believe that most addiction treatment is still inadequate. The industry average success rates are still very low so we aim to offer something better. We pride ourselves on having what may be the highest success rate in the industry, at 85%. Our alcohol rehab programs offer unique, systemic approach to therapy and our treatment guarantee, we believe what we offer here is the absolute cutting edge of alcohol abuse treatment and rehabilitation.

The Alcohol Rehab and Recovery Programs

The alcohol rehab programs at Seasons In Malibu starts with detox and carries through to aftercare. The alcohol treatment centers on our philosophy of systemic treatment. Read more about what to expect when you enter our alcohol recovery programs.

Alcohol Detox

Upon arrival at Seasons alcohol rehab programs, you will be seen immediately by an MD that specializes in addiction medicine and alcohol detox with many years of experience in this process and they will carefully assess your risk and closely monitor your detox process. The “shakes” and “DTs” (Delirium Tremens) will be managed with specialized medication on a short term basis and staff will keep your vitals under constant supervision through the first days of the alcohol recovery programs. Within a week, you will very likely be feeling better than you have since you started drinking. Your body will no longer be required to process the extraordinary amount of toxins that it has been and you will begin to recover the sharpness of mind and bodily energy that you may have lost to your drinking.


Therapy and Counseling During Alcohol Rehab 

It is our firm belief that alcohol abuse is a symptom, not the problem itself, and because of this we understand how important it is that we view rehabilitation not simply as the physical detox from alcohol. If the underlying psychological and environmental issues that caused you to turn to alcohol in the first place are not treated, there can be little genuine, lasting recovery.

At Seasons Malibu alcohol rehabilitation programs, we believe that in order to be maximally effective, treatment cannot be designed in the abstract. It must be tailored to fit the individual’s needs and goals. This is why we have a ten person team of doctors, therapists, and councilors dedicated to designing a treatment plan that meets your personal, individual needs and evolves with you over the course of your alcohol abuse treatment. During Alcohol Rehab Programs we offer an incredibly wide range of therapy and counseling so that we can be certain that we will provide exactly what is necessary to resolve your underlying issues and help you to achieve lasting recovery, and ultimately, a happy and fulfilled life.


We understand the extraordinary difficulties associated with maintaining your recovery when you first leave the safe haven of residential alcohol recovery center. For this reason our alcohol rehab programs provides outpatient alcohol treatment and extensive aftercare counseling and ongoing, regular contact with your therapists and case manager once your stay here is over. We believe that our comprehensive, well-designed aftercare program is one of the most important contributing factors to our incredible success rate. We will stay with you every step of the way, working with you to get your life back on track before, during, and after your residential stay at our Malibu alcohol treatment centers.

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Alcohol Rehab
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