Intensive Aftercare Treatment Program

man-discussing-aftercare-with-professionalDuring a clients stay at Seasons they will undergo intensive psychological and physical therapy to prepare them for their return to the outside world and all of the challenges they will face. However, even with all of that preparation, the transition back into normal life can be trying, no matter how prepared you are. This is why we offer outpatient rehab services and continuing aftercare sessions with the same therapists the client had while they were in-patient. These sessions will allow you to carefully work through and talk over any issues you face in the outside world with a trained professional that you have come to know and trust during your time here.

By staying involved in the therapy and recovery community, this increases the likelihood of continued success in maintaining their new-found life in a healthy manner. Seasons provides this option so that clients and their families are able to continue seeing practitioners and therapists, while integrating into a recovery community of their own. You may handpick which practitioners and therapist best suite your needs, which allows you to participate in a more individualized aftercare program that best suits your needs and you are still able to maintain a close connection and safety network of peers through attending scheduled groups and alumni functions at our beautiful rehab campus in Malibu. As you begin your reintegration, both you and your family can continue to work on any obstacles and continue to learn and apply your newly learned tools to maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Aftercare Planning

An addiction treatment program is only as effective as its aftercare planning. A well-planned aftercare program can make or break a treatment program due to the tendency of recovering addicts to go into a relapse. A relapse is an addict’s worst nightmare, and it is what all treatment centers try to prevent at all costs. Most people believe addiction treatment to be a one-step program where one undergoes clinical treatment and then continues on with his or her life after it is complete. However, this is a notion that leads many to failure and, eventually, to a distrust in addiction treatment as a whole. The existence of illegitimate or mismanaged treatment centers also does not help in gaining the trust of those who have previously undergone treatment but failed.

Although a vital part of the treatment process, aftercare planning is usually neglected and never given a second thought due to a focus on more pressing matters such as withdrawal symptoms and psychological problems. An effective aftercare program should be in place if the goal is to prevent a relapse. It will teach addicts how to cope if ever they become victims of a relapse and will provide them the necessary tools to help them in their journey towards a life of sobriety. Once addicts step out of a California rehab treatment facility, they are not left to their own devices because the tendency of relapse is very high for recovering addicts. The family is a very solid support system for addicts, but 12-step programs and other support networks will surely help in keeping an addict drug-free.

Life After Treatment

At Seasons In Malibu, life after treatment does not mean the healing stops. Our team of addiction treatment experts will do the aftercare planning for you so you do not have to worry when the time comes that you have to leave the facility. We will even provide follow-up therapy sessions so you will never feel alone as you continue on your journey to a sober and fulfilling life.

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