Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Rehab


Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Rehab

People suffering from alcoholism and substance use disorders tend to see inpatient rehab as a last resort. This is both because of the stigma associated with being in an institution, along with the belief that their time in rehab will be hell. However, the reality is that many recovering addicts enjoy their time in rehab. And if you are going to a luxury rehab, you are guaranteed all the comforts you would expect at a high-class resort.

You don’t have to go to a luxury rehab to have a good experience, but it comes with significant advantages. Here is what you can expect from a luxury rehab.

What is Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab centers offer more than just a comfortable setting. They resemble resorts, with private bedrooms, delicious and balanced meals, and many activities to keep you busy in your spare time.

In other ways, they are much like traditional rehab centers. Your stay will begin with controlled detoxification, monitored by doctors, to safely withdraw you from the substance you have been using. After detox, you will continue with a proven rehab program. Group therapy is one of the fundamental means for recovery, and you will regularly see an individual counselor. Different rehab centers have different approaches to recovery, although most follow the 12-Step Program.

Aside from comfort, what else does luxury rehab have to offer?


Individualized Experience

One of the most significant differences with luxury rehab is the personal attention you will receive from staff. While traditional rehab centers may be understaffed, luxury rehabs have more than enough recovery experts to help you through the process. Rather than fitting you in to tight schedules, they will have plenty of time for you, and may even be available for impromptu chats.

The counselors at luxury rehabs may also have a higher level of training and expertise than those at traditional rehabs. They can afford to hire a larger amount of trained professionals.

On the other hand, counselors at traditional rehabs are often certified former residents who have first-hand experience of recovery, if not a college degree. This also provides a great opportunity for you to pass on what you have learned while in rehab, which helps consolidate your own recovery.

But, while professional training is not necessarily much of an advantage, the higher counselor-to-patient ratio at luxury rehab is a significant factor in facilitating recovery.

Holistic Experience

Another benefit of luxury rehab is that you will have the opportunity to get a much more holistic experience. Luxury rehabs have the facilities and resources to provide a range of activities and professionals which will aid in your recovery.


At luxury rehab centers, you can expect some or all of the following:

Exercise equipment and training

Your physical health is incredibly important during and after recovery, as your body learns to function fully without the substance. It also keeps you balanced and is good for your mental health. Most luxury rehabs have gyms, and may even have trainers who can help you identify the best exercise routine based on your history, strengths, and weaknesses.

Dietary training

In a similar vein, nutrition is a crucial aspect in the life of a recovering addict. The healthier you keep your body, the less likely you are to compensate with addictive substances. In addition, it may be necessary for you to improve your health if your substance use has caused physical damage. Luxury rehabs will provide you with dietary training from nutritional experts.

Mindfulness and yoga

Mindfulness is an important aspect of recovery in many centers today, luxury or traditional. It is mindfulness that gets many people through the cravings and helps them deal with difficult emotions without turning to substances. Luxury rehabs may offer more specialized mindfulness training, along with yoga and other practices which will supplement it.

Alternative therapies

Some luxury rehabs also offer alternative therapies to supplement your recovery. They may offer acupuncture and other Eastern treatments. Some offer animal therapy as well as the opportunity to take up gardening or other hobbies.

In certain luxury rehabs, therapies such as neurofeedback are available. However, they will not be the primary means of treatment, as there is not enough evidence to prove they work.


Continue Working

Luxury rehab is an attractive option for high-powered people who cannot afford to stop working completely. You may continue working from a luxury rehab center, with space to do so without interruption. If you are residing at a rehab frequented by businessmen and women, they may have perfected the “home” office experience.

An All-Round Experience

Luxury rehab centers are perfect for anyone who is reluctant to leave the comfort of their home behind to go into rehab. They provide an all-round experience, with resort-living, holistic therapies, and close attention from staff.

Inpatient rehab can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience whether or not you attend a luxury rehab center. However, luxury rehabs offer advantages for those who have the money and lifestyle.


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Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Rehab
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