Our Recovery Philosophy

Our Recovery Philosophy

At Seasons In Malibu we agree with the leading scientists and doctors of the National Institute for Drug Addiction that addiction is a completely treatable chronic disease. We believe it is best addressed not just at the individual level of behavior but systemically from the cellular systems to the systems of neurobiology of the brain and the individual, to the family systems and social networks, and to the larger societal systems at work.

At our Malibu luxury drug rehab center in Malibu, we believe we can do this by holding ourselves accountable to our results, by continually learning and improving, and by creating and working with the very best professionals in their fields in creating a treatment team around each patient that treats the complex issues of addiction in a comprehensive and effective way.

  • We believe in creating a recovery treatment staff and community that is learning and improving our craft and profession each day. We believe in hiring the very best staff from all over the country, and we have created a staff most likely better and more coherent than any other in the country.
  • We believe in treating patients and patient families with respect through consumer-friendly business practices such as our guarantee and our multi-tiered pricing. We see many drug addiction treatment centers using the crisis of addiction to take advantage of client families in their time of greatest need, and we find this unethical and immoral.
  • We believe in holding ourselves and other treatment providers accountable for their success through tracking and publishing outcomes and that the 20th century “blame the addict” response to relapse and failure is outdated and irresponsible.
  • We believe the crisis of addiction can be an opportunity for the patient and their families to embrace change that will improve all of their lives forever, and that the time we have with you is precious and needs to be used wisely.
  • We believe this should be your last admission to drug rehabilitation and that we are responsible—with you—to make sure this is the case, by engaging you in treatment and helping you craft a long-term plan for sobriety, dynamically creating a life that is worth being clean and sober for.
  • We believe people, and the crisis of addiction, are complex, and we require ourselves and other drug rehab treatment professionals to embrace that complexity and make a commitment to continued learning at the highest levels possible by publishing, reading, and contributing to the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field.
  • We believe addiction needs to be respected and that treatment requires a serious and focused commitment of resources to time, people, and intelligence.
  • We believe in respecting our patients and remembering addiction is a disease—not a character flaw—that no one chooses or wants to participate in. We believe in collapsing the shame cycles that focus on the addict behavior rather than on the health of the systems surrounding the patient.
  • We believe the most important time we are helping you is after you leave our rehab in Malibu, and that each patient deserves a plan for their sobriety as well as long-term support and case management that will help you through your entire first year of sobriety.
  • With these simple and clear understandings we are successfully treating addiction every day at our Malibu recovery center and helping people reclaim their lives—free, independent, and happy.


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Our Recovery Philosophy
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