5 Addictive Behavior Patterns

5 Addictive Behavior Patterns

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People that struggle with addiction tend to have certain kinds of behaviors that evolve due to their substance abuse. They engage in behaviors that help perpetuate their addiction and make it easier for them to continue using in spite of the consequences. They might go through many ups and downs during the course of their addiction which can affect their behavior. 


  1. Loss of Control 

Someone with an addiction might make attempts to change but they eventually will completely lose control over their ability to moderate their substance use. They can no longer manage the power that drugs or alcohol have over them and this can cause them to strong negative emotions when they attempt to quit


  1. Experiencing Desire Without Pleasure

Many addicts will continue to abuse drugs or alcohol even after they discover that the substance is no longer pleasurable to them. They might even feel a deep hatred for the substance but still continue their behavior because of their addiction. 


  1. Lying and Hiding the Truth

People with addictions become adept at misleading people in order to cover up their true behavior. They might lie about where they’ve been, how they lost their money or hide what they’ve really been doing. Their behavior can suddenly shift from being a trustworthy person to a skillful liar.


  1. Self-Medication

One of the most common reasons people engage in drug use is because they want to find a way to medicate their feelings of depression or anxiety. They may have trouble regulating their emotions or are dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness. Their drug or alcohol use may seem temporarily alleviate their feelings which causes them to rely on substances to feel normal.


  1. Unsuccessful Attempts to Quit

Those struggling with addiction may try to moderate or quit their behavior several times without any success. The only way they can recover from their addiction is by seeking professional treatment to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. 



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Dr. Boris Vaisman
Family medicine and addiction specialist. 5 Addictive Behavior Patterns 5 Addictive Behavior Patterns 5 Addictive Behavior Patterns 5 Addictive Behavior Patterns 5 Addictive Behavior Patterns

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5 Addictive Behavior Patterns
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