How A Sober Companion Can Make A Difference In Recovery

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When a person finishes their inpatient rehab, continuing the drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the outside world can often be intimidating and overwhelming. For those who are lucky enough to enlist the services of a sober companion, they will have assistance that can make a great difference in achieving a successful recovery. The first months…

The Power of Healing Through Treatment Activities

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Rehab is a time of healing and discovery for many people. In treatment, newly recovering addicts have access to a number of resources that help them to gain the tools they need to carry on with a safe, happy, and sober life. Much of treatment may involve time spent with counselors talking through one’s past…

Break the Cycle of Addiction with Professional Help

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Do you suspect or know that a loved one has a problem with alcohol? Have you noticed that they are consuming more alcoholic beverages than they used to? If you know someone who has a problem with alcohol and are looking to find a way to help them overcome their addiction, you might want to…

The Vital Role Family Support Plays in Treatment

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Addiction is a problem that affects thousands of people in the state of California every day, whether it is alcohol or drugs, and they often seek help from Malibu treatment programs. Here at Seasons in Malibu luxury rehab center we offer treatment options that are some of the best you can find. We specialize in…

The Role of Detox In Treatment Success

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One of the most important components of a successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is the initial detoxification process. It is the first step in any type of recovery program, and it is often the most physically and mentally difficult for clients. At Seasons in Malibu, we offer a fully medically supervised Malibu detox program…

Contribute to your Sobriety by Increasing Health and Fitness

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Holistic health is a big part of recovery and overcoming addiction. That is why physical fitness plays a key ingredient in the process. Working out can help you channel obsessive thoughts associated with cravings and will even give you a goal to work towards, goals that can work together with goals for sobriety and even…

Finding Healthy Outlets in Recovery

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Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long, complicated process that involves many life changes. A person in recovery will find themselves faced with a variety of obstacles in their long journey. One of the most challenging obstacles is finding a healthy way to deal with the powerful emotions that arise during recovery….

Guide to Malibu Treatment for Addiction

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Recovery from addiction is a long and difficult process for many people but it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences that they will ever have. For those who have been involved in substance abuse for many years, one of the first steps they will take in recovery is acknowledging that…

Learning more about Treating Addiction with #14Days

In Treatment Programs February 28th, 2017 No Comments

In October, CBS News introduced a two week series called #14Days on the Wagon in an attempt to generate support and increase awareness of the struggle millions of Americans are going through with drug and alcohol addiction. Viewers of the CBS series were invited to participate by cutting drugs and alcohol from their own lives…

Drug addiction treatment. How to prevent your child or loved one from taking drugs?

In Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, Family Addiction Treatment, Treatment Programs February 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Every day that goes by, there are millions of Americans that are suffering from the stranglehold of addiction. There are many ways to deal with addiction, but when the time is right it is important to address the situation at hand by being completely honest about the realities of where addiction have brought you. This…

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