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Alcohol Treatment 101


Alcoholism can be a daunting disease to treat, and most people are intimidated by the thought of entering an alcohol rehab facility. The reason behind this is that people do not know what to expect from rehab. Before entering an alcohol rehab facility, it is important to be aware of the different aspects of treatment. Alcoholism can be very problematic, but its treatment also entails challenges of its own. One must be prepared to face the challenges associated with treatment so he or she can start on the journey towards a life of sobriety.

Types of Alcohol Treatment

For different types of people, there can be a variety of alcohol treatment programs available — each of them addressing a specific need. However, all these treatment programs fall under two main categories: inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment programs require an alcoholic to stay in a rehab facility for the duration of treatment. These programs can last from a few months to a whole year depending on the severity of alcoholism. While inside the facility, alcoholics are provided round-the-clock care from addiction treatment specialists and amenities that will make their transition to sobriety as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

An alcohol outpatient treatment program, on the other hand, gives alcoholics the opportunity to stay close to family while trying to kick the habit. After counseling sessions and other activities in the alcohol rehab facility, alcoholics go home at the end of the day to reconnect with loved ones. An outpatient program also does not hinder alcoholics from continuing their education, employment, and other personal responsibilities. Family is very important, and an outpatient program can help in keeping familial relationships intact.

It is a sad fact that only a few alcoholics will get the professional help they require, but there is some good news. Alcohol treatment programs can be very costly, what with all the medication, counseling sessions, and clinical treatment required. Fortunately, health insurance companies now offer coverage for alcoholism treatment because it is now technically considered a mental disorder. At Seasons In Malibu, our dedicated and caring staff will assist you in filing for insurance coverage so the burden of addiction is lighter on your shoulders. While in recovery, the alcoholic and his or her family should focus on treatment and recovery. Rehabilitation for alcoholics may come at a high price, but its rewards definitely outweigh the costs.

Alcohol Addiction Help

Many people turn to drinking because they cannot deal with their problems, and this dilemma carries over when they become alcoholics. Many alcoholics are looking to quit drinking, but they simply do not know how or who to ask. When seeking proper alcohol treatment, help can be provided by family physicians, psychotherapists, or addiction treatment hotlines. These people are trained and prepared to answer any questions one might have and can help point an alcoholic in the right direction. The crucial first step when looking for addiction treatment help is admitting that the problem exists and focusing all effort to its immediate resolution. Making a call for help and guidance from qualified professionals signifies one’s willingness to kick the habit and remain sober for good.

In some cases, alcoholics find it difficult to admit that they actually have a problem. This prolongs the agony of an alcoholic and hinders opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation. Often, families turn to an experienced interventionist to help in encouraging an alcoholic to seek professional help. An interventionist will ensure that alcoholics are treated with dignity and respect while convincing them to face their problem and its consequences. There are a few ways one can see if a friend or loved one has fallen off the wagon; below are a few signs for which to watch out:

  • Drinking at socially unacceptable times of the day
  • Engaging in binge drinking episodes several times a week
  • Engaging in reckless behavior while inebriated
  • Experiencing a sudden drop in performance at work or school

Finding alcohol treatment help can be a daunting task due to the varying treatment methods and management styles in different alcohol treatment centers. At Seasons in Malibu, we offer the most comprehensive and innovative alcohol treatment programs in the country. We offer unique treatment options such as holistic alcohol treatment, which integrates life-enhancing activities such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture into treatment; and teen alcohol treatment, a treatment program specifically designed to address the specific needs of adolescents and teens. Whatever your situation, we at Seasons are prepared to help you in your battle against addiction.

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