The Role of Detox In Treatment Success

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One of the most important components of a successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is the initial detoxification process. It is the first step in any type of recovery program, and it is often the most physically and mentally difficult for clients. At Seasons in Malibu, we offer a fully medically supervised Malibu detox program…

Malibu Detox Center and Transitioning into Recovery

In Detox March 16th, 2016

People who suffer from addiction to alcohol and drugs typically are in dire need of the cycle of addiction to be broken. So depending on the client’s condition, after intake one of the first steps is to cleanse the system through detoxification. This can be a grueling and challenging process for them, and they will…

Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing A Detox Center

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Millions of people enter rehab every year. Unfortunately, most individuals experience relapse after finishing their initial treatment. That’s why choosing a facility and program that you are comfortable with is important to start your road to recovery. In order to help you determine the right rehabilitation service, here are four questions you need to ask…

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